Contact Lens Fitting Price List:

Disposable contact lenses:

  • Daily contact lenses
  • 2 week disposable lenses
  • Monthly contact lenses
  • Toric or multifocal disposable contact lenses

Special contact lenses:

  • Flexible hard contact lense
  • Ortho-k night contact lenses
  • Soft individual contact lenses
  • Scleral contact lenses
  • Toric or multifocal options of above-mentioned contact lenses

We recommend buying contact lenses after careful examination and consultation. The table and price list below are intended to provide you with information on our services. Because: Your eyes decide, which contact lens to choose. Purpose of the initial consultation is to gather information for careful and reliable advice.

An initial consultation (duration 60-90 minutes) including expert advice is charged with CHF 280.

In order to choose the right contact lenses for you, we need to determine the following information:

  • Your contact lenses history
  • Your needs and wishes for the new contact lenses
  • Eye examination or recipe analysis including visual status
  • Optometric status including corneal topography measurement
  • Digital biomicroscopy of the anterior eye segment and the ocular media
  • Tear film analysis
  • Cornea is checked for possible oxygen deficiency (fluorine test)

After the analysis has been completed, we discuss the diagnostic findings with you, give you individual advice and decide on further steps.

You can choose between the two following options: The fitting is made either at costor with a carefree subscription.

Fitting: Charging according to effort

After the initial check we calculate our services according to effort. We charge our services such as fitting, follow-up checks, measurements and preventive eye examination according to temporal effort at a rate of CHF 210 per hour. We recommend this option to occasional disposable lens wearers and new customers. You will benefit from state-of-the-art technology for measuring and monitoring your eye health.

We offer fair pricing. Our services are listed separately from the products - because we care for transparency! We charge contact lenses and care products according to market prices.

Carefree subscriptionwe recommend this option for fittings of new special contact lenses. Your advantage: Fixed costs and a 2-month trial period.

During the first year

Costs according to contact lens type CHF 215 to CHF 265 per month.

  • Complete contact lens fitting
  • Pair of contact lenses according to your needs
  • Care products for personal requirements (yearly)
  • Free replacement of max. two contact lenses in case of loss or breakage

From the second year

Costs according to contact lens type CH 116 to CHF 137 per month.

  • Necessary follow-up checks
  • One pair of contact lenses for one year
  • Care products for personal requirements (yearly)
  • Free replacement of one contact lens per year in case of loss or breakage
  • From the second year, you can cancel the carefree subscription within two months notice.

Your preparation for the initial consultation

  • Make an appointment. Duration 60-90 min
  • Please appear to this appointment without wearing contact lenses
  • If you have worn contact lenses before: Please bring all existing lens and eyeglass data to this appointment.

    • We are happy to provide you with further information by telephone or on site. Please ask for a specialist

    Optometrist referral

    • With your consent, we provide specialist reports in case of anomalies or changes concerning your eyes.
    • CHF 50 for standard reports
      CHF 75 for detailed reports with provision of image material and measurement results
    • Please note that missed appointments or appointments canceled with less than a 12 hour notice will be charged with CHF 45

    All price quotations on price lists, brochures and electronic media are non-binding. The prices quoted are inclusive of statutory value-added tax and are subject to change at any time. All information on this website is for preliminary guidance only. The prices do not constitute an offer and cannot replace a consultation.


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