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What is Blue light?

Blue light is a natural component of sunlight. Blue light is a range of the visible light spectrum located just before ultraviolet. Blue light has short wavelength and therefore produces a high amount of energy. It is common knowledge that ultraviolet (UV) light can be harmful for our eyes. To prevent this, we protect our eyes with sunglasses. Blue light in the range between 380nm and 500nm is also suspected of accelerating the aging process of our eyes.

Why Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses have a filter that absorbs blue light until 450nm. This reduces distracting stray light and improves our visual focus while reading.

Many users of  ZEISS BlueGuard DVP® report that they are experiencing a significant relaxation of their eyes.

When is ZEISS BlueGuard DVP® recommended?

  • If you are working several hours a day in front of a computer.
  • If you are experiencing tired eyes after working in front of a computer..
  • If you desire better and more relaxed vision while working on a computer.

Whether you are using distance, progressive or office lenses –  ZEISS BlueGuard DVP® is compatible with your desired glasses!


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