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Best vision with ZEISS progressive lenses – no matter the distance

With age, our eyes experience age related changes in performance. The muscles that control our eyes begin to lose strength. This is not related to defective vision but to a normal ageing process. This ageing process affects everybody and occurs in general after the age of 40.

Presbyopia causes slower adjustment while focusing on objects, especially at close range. This makes reading more difficult.

In order to restore full vision in cases of a combination of presbyopia and ametropia, progressive lenses are the best choice. Progressive lenses ensure better adaption in both near and far zones.

When purchasing progressive lenses, professional and competent advice by an experienced optician is crucial.

At Scheerer Optik in the heart of Zurich, we provide individual customer care – from the initial eye examination to the selection of progressive lenses and the right frame.

High-quality progressive lenses at Scheerer Optik

ZEISS progressive lenses ensure best vision support for the near and far zones and are ideal for presbyopia. While the upper vision range supports far zones of more than two meters, the lower vision range covers near zones – especially while reading.

Get your pair of progressive lenses now

Life is too exciting to miss out on something. Unlike usual progressive lenses, ZEISS progressive lenses offer a maximum visual field. Compare for yourself:

Progressive lenses: Why is quality and advice so crucial?

n order to produce the desired effect, progressive lenses need to be individually adjusted to the wearer. A precise eye examination with state-of-the-art equipment and professional advice is therefore crucial.

At Scheerer Optik – your optician in Zurich – we focus on competent and detailed advice. We exclusively use high quality lenses of renowned manufacturers. This allows us to offer tailor-made progressive lenses and varifocals that meet the highest standards of quality, comfort and style.

We offer progressive lenses in different price and quality ranges: Cheaper models distributed by online shops frequently offer a narrow and slim progression zone. In fact, the peripheral vision appears blurry or fuzzy.

High quality progressive lenses such as those from ZEISS, Rodenstock, Essilor (Varilux) or Knecht on the other hand, reflect these areas much better. High quality progressive lenses provide a noticeably better vision in everyday life. We are happy to advice you on-site and create a non-binding offer for you.

Advantages of progressive lenses at a glance:

  • Smooth transitions between near and far zones, especially appreciated by people with presbyopia and near-sightedness.

  • Unlike bifocals and trifocals or trifocal glasses, progressive lenses offer uncompromising, elegant and stylish designs.

  • Progressive lenses also cover intermediate zones and meet high visual requirements, which is crucial while working in front of a computer.

    On request, we offer lenses from Varilus, Essilor, Optiswiss and Reize. Rodenstock has a very innovative portfolio, while Knecht stands for swiss precision craftmanship.

UV protection with every pair of ZEISS glasses

Whether tinted or as a normal correction lens: With the high-quality plastic lenses from ZEISS, your eyes are always protected from harmful UV light.

At Scheerer Optik you benefit from a guarantee of success and quality as well as an insurance for broken glasses in the first year

As official ZEISS Relaxed Vision partner we precisely measure your eyes with ZEISS measuring machines. The measurements take place right in our store near Zurich main station. At Scheerer Optik we will provide you with custom made ZEISS Office Lenses. Enjoy sharp vision and a maximum visual field in the requested distances!


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