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Adidas eyewear – better protection, more performance

Adidas has decided to retire from sports glasses business. Since 1.1.2020, Silhouette has been continuing this legacy with Austrian precision under the name EVIL EYE. Silhouette has already been producing the previous Adidas models under licence from Adidas for the last 25 years.

From development, production and adaptation to the perfect sports performance: Each evil eye model is created from the “true sports experience” perspective. Top athletes, perfectionists, adventurers and the most ambitious – they all live and share precious experience to achieve perfection in sports glasses. Made in Austria: Silhouette looks back on numerous collaborations with the best experts and professionals. Silhouette is located in Linz: the place where all comes together. Every single high-quality component is made under Silhouette’s roof.

More information available at evil eye.

The iconic adidas models are still available under the name of Evil Eye

Whether you are an amateur or a top athlete – sporting activities require best comfort and quality regarding your visual aid. While sports glasses have to provide precise view and fast reactions in ball sports such as tennis, football or badminton, the focus in endurance sports, such as running or cycling is wind protection and durability.

Adidas counts on sophisticated functionality and high-quality materials in order to produce precise and durable sports glasses. The design is also crucial: With its new, wider temple section, Adidas is focusing on a modern look combined with additional protection. New, handy end caps provide perfect hold. A wide selection of filters rounds off the equipment features of those state-of-the-art sports glasses. The legacy continues under the brand name Evil Eye.

The former Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim are now called Evil Eye trace pro

Evil Eye Halfrim eye (formerly Adidas) sports glasses can be equipped with various filters depending on type of sport and condition. Polarized filters are ideal for protection against strong light, while LST filters compensate rapid changes of light and shadow. For changing weather conditions, we recommend the VARIO options, which allow to quickly change from a light to a dark tint.

Find Adidas eyewear (now Evil Eye) in Zurich

At Scheerer Optik, your specialist for sports glasses in Zurich, we have a wide selection of Evil Eye sports glasses for women and men. We are happy to advise you on the different models including your individual requirements. Our qualified team is at your disposal choosing special sports filters and finding the perfect look for you!

Adidas (now Evil Eye) with correction lenses

Many athletes need glasses or contact lenses in order to have clear vision while doing sports. To ensure clear vision, we offer individual glazing of your sports glasses. The ideal solution depends on the type of sport and required equipment – we look forward to finding the right one for you!

Direct glazing:
The corrective lenses are fitted directly into the sports glasses as visual lenses. The ideal sports glasses with correction. This optical correction with LST filter offers you the largest possible field of vision from every angle.

If there still are any questions – Evil Eye has answers!

Clip in:
The clip is inserted inside the Evil Eye (formerly Adidas) glasses. This allows to quickly change the outer sun filter lenses according to the light conditions. This option is also compatible with high correction lenses.

Adapter System:
If you require high correction but won’t miss out on elegant design, adapter glazing is your solution.

At Scheerer Optik, we are happy to share our vast experience in the field of spots glasses. No matter what type of sport, we always keep track!.


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