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Oakley sunglasses: Distinctive design meets performance

With their extravagant designs, state-of-the-art technologies and steady development, Oakley has built a loyal customer base amongst trendsetters and athletes. Oakley started their brand in 1975, manufacturing accessory parts and sports glasses for BMX. Oakley grew quickly and is known for their distinctive design ever since.

Thanks to innovation and vast experience, Oakley’s products are a unique blend of functionality, design and quality. Therefore, athletes and trendsetters appreciate their stunning product portfolio.

Have you heard of Oakley’s innovative lens technology?

Oakley’s Prizm technology is accurate in every detail and offers optimum visual comfort. Prizm glasses can be equipped with Polarized technology in order to provide flawless glare protection. Sports glasses that are specially made for several indoor and outdoor sports are key for Oakley’s unique product portfolio.

Most Oakley models are also available with correction glasses!

Oakley offers a wide range of Sport Performance and Performance Lifestyle eyewear to meet the high standards of fashion-conscious athletes. The series EVZeroRadarCatalystCarbon oder Jawbreaker are particularly popular amongst sportsmen. Customers customize their individual glasses choosing from various frame and lens colours, shapes and technologies!

Sports glasses, sunglasses and lifestyle glasses – Oakley’s product portfolio

Oakley provides a wide selection of women sunglasses. With their series Frogskins, Latch, Flak and Radar Oakley enjoys great popularity amongst young and fashion-conscious women.

Oakley sports glasses are designed for high performance and cover a wide range of sports. Whether high precision glasses for golfers and archers or optimum wind and water protection for cyclists and surfers – Oakley ensures high performance!

The modular system allows customers to customize their individual glasses. They can choose a frame, add cool features and leave their fingerprint with a gravure. Get creative and create your unique Oakley glasses!

Oakley sports glasses with optical glazing at Scheerer Optik!

At Scheerer Optik in Zurich, we are happy to advise you on Oakley sports and lifestyle eyewear. Our team is looking forward to sharing their knowledge and giving you details on Oakley’s innovative lens technology. With an appointment we can ensure comprehensive expert advice and choose the right specialist for your requirements. Let’s find the right glasses for you!

No matter what type of sports, we always keep track!.

Oakley Gaming glasses

Oakley has introduced a new line of gaming glasses, specifically tailored for gamers. These glasses are meticulously designed to boost visual performance and comfort during extended gameplay sessions.

Featuring unique prism lenses, the Oakley Gaming glasses optimize vision and significantly reduce visual strain. These lenses boast exceptional clarity and contrast, sharpening in-game details. Additionally, they minimize blue light exposure from screens, offering essential eye protection.

In developing these gaming glasses, Oakley collaborated intensively with professional gamers, ensuring the product aligns perfectly with the gaming community's needs. The glasses are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing players to choose according to their personal taste.

In summary, the Oakley Gaming glasses deliver an optimal blend of functionality, comfort, and style, appealing to gamers seeking to elevate their gaming experience while protecting their eyes.


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