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Siols sports glasses: Ergonomic sports eyewear of best quality

Since their foundation in 1994, Siols has pursued one goal: Creating sports glasses for every situation. Siols sports glasses are developed in interdisciplinary cooperation between experienced opticians, engineers, technicians, sports physicians and athletes. Thanks to Siols innovative modular system, athletes can customize their sports glasses according their individual requirements.

From X-KROSS to X-GOGGLE: Siols product portfolio

With the X-KROSS sports glasses, Siols has created a unique modular system that is fit for any requirement.

Whether you are an amateur or competitive athlete – with X-KROSS you can customize your sports glasses choosing between different frames, lenses and inner clip. This helps you find just the right sports glasses for you!

The special frame architecture is adjusted ergonomically to the athlete’s head shape. This allows long training sessions and high exposure absolutely free from headaches and pressure points. X-KROSS sports glasses remain slip-proof even with heavy sweat or rain. Thanks to the high-security plastic TR 90, even when falling, the athlete’s eyes remain safe from injury.

The right lenses for any kind of sport

Whether running, cycling or winter sports – Siols provides you with ideal lenses. For example, special glasses for running are equipped with an innovative 10-point ventilation system. This ventilation system prevents heat accumulation around the eyes. Additionally, those special glasses are supplied with a 6-point system for safe air circulation. Cyclists benefit from lateral ventilation slots against turbulence and headwind. Winter sports enthusiasts appreciate the double-glazing technology. By use of a warm air reservoir, this technology allows to balance temperature differences up to 80° C between body and outdoor temperature. Water sports athletes enjoy reflection-free and high-contrast vision thanks to the X-KROSS polarizing filter.

Thanks to a unique carrier clip, all the X-KROSS advantages are also available if you are wearing correction lenses. Correction lenses until +/- 15.00 diopters can be inserted into the clip. The X-KROSS clip system ensures clear view even in the peripheral field of vision.

X-GOGGLE glasses for winter sports enthusiasts

Snow sports enthusiasts particularly enjoy the X-GOGGLE. A blend of clean, discreet design and state-of-the-art technology. The innovative X-GOGGLE is equipped with innovative thermo double-glazing, compatible with any common helmet and remains slip-proof even during spectacular rides. Due to powerful magnets on the frame, the outer glasses can be switched within seconds.

Buy Siols sports glasses at Scheerer Optik

At Scheerer Optik in Zurich you can customized your Siols sports glasses. We are happy to advise you on the different combination possibilities. Together we will find the ideal sports glasses for you!

Siols Sports Glasses with optical glazing

Many athletes need glasses or contact lenses in order to have clear vision while doing sports. To ensure clear vision, we offer individual glazing of your sports glasses. The ideal solution depends on the type of sport and required equipment – we look forward to finding the right one for you!

X-KROSS Clip in:
The clip is inserted inside the X-KROSS sports glasses. This allows to quickly change outer sun filter lenses according to the light conditions. This option is also compatible with high correction lenses (until -12.00 dpt.).

Direct glazing
The corrective lenses are fitted directly into the sports glasses as visual lenses. The ideal sports glasses with correction.

We are happy to share our vast experience in correction sports glasses with you in our shop.

Siols Indoor

Vision in sports

More safety for children and adults:
True sports glasses protect the eyes from injuries and allow athletes to archive best performances. Siols Indoor sports glasses can be equipped with individual correction. As reliable partner, they ensure clear vision, more safety and better self-confidence (especially for children). The only way of fully exploiting your potential and achieving best peformances.

Ideal for people with correction lenses

Individual correction lenses until +/- 15 dioptres.
Siols Indoor sports glasses are the right choice for people with high correction lenses. The break-proof optical lenses (break-proof plastic made of security materials) are individually adjusted by the optician and inserted into the Siols Indoor sports frame. Enjoy razor-sharp vision on ball, teammates and the game!


The frame is entirely shatterproof, without metals or sharp edges.


Siols Indoor sports goggles deflect the force of an impact over the frame. A solid nose shield protects the nasal bone. Special silicone pads absorb pushes.


Thanks to the inner groove, the lenses can only fall outwards, never inwards.

Buddy, fashionable glasses for Kids

Kids’ glasses for 6 – 11 years old.

Everyday glasses and soprts glasses in one. No more annoying glass switching!

Fit for school sports: Glasses for classroom and gym

The fashionable BUDDY glasses are designed to resist full use during sports and games. The glasses are made of special high-security plastic. A blend of skin-friendly elastomer TPU and very flexible polyamide NUX. In emergency situations, the glasses can only fall out of the frame in order to protect the eyes from injuries.
BUDDY glasses are designed for both sports and free time and are suitable for children from 6 – 11 years. With a weight of 12 grams, BUDDY glasses are leight as a feather and yet extremely stable and stylish. The everyday and sports glasses for cool kids.

Simple, safe, quick…

3 unique features for your BUDDY

We are happy to advise you at Scheerer Optik in Zurich. No matter if school or sports, we keep track!


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