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Find horn-rimmed glasses in Zurich – at Scheerer Optik

Horn-rimmed glasses have been celebrating their renaissance as a fashion accessory for some years now. Horn-rimmed glasses originally became popular in the 1920s. Thanks to the current retro trend horn-rimmed glasses are enjoying great popularity again. Wearers of these stylish glasses made of buffalo horn thus underline their unique character and personality. Henry Kissinger, Erich Honecker and Buddy Holly are only a few examples of famous wearers of horn-rimmed glasses.

What are the characteristics of horn-rimmed glasses?

At the beginning of the 20th century, horn-rimmed glasses became the most popular form of glasses for good reason. Buffalo horn as basic material comes from the water buffalo and has ideal characteristics. Buffalo horn is light, comfortable to wear and free from allergens. Furthermore, buffalo horn proves to be extremely strong and durable despite its low weight.Delicate handwork allows to create a smooth and appealing surface with colour gradients in fashionable shades. Each pair made out of buffalo horn is unique. If you are wearing horn-rimmed glasses, you have every reason to feel proud!

Horn-rimmed glasses are among the absolute classics of eyewear fashion. They stand for trustworthiness and expertise. Despite the current trend of discreet designer glasses with slim metal and synthetic frames, horn-rimmed glasses are more popular than ever! Whether you should opt for horn-rimmed glasses depends on your face shape. Strong outlines highlight your facial characteristics. Therefore, horn-rimmed glasses should be chosen carefully.

Find the right horn-rimmed glasses in Zurich

In our optician’s shop in Zurich, we provide individual customer care – from the initial eye examination to the selection of lenses and a suitable horn-rimmed frame. You will find a large selection of high-quality horn-rimmed glasses in our store in Zurich. We are happy to advise you in a competent and professional way, using our expertise on trends and styles.


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