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Compatibility guarantee

It is important to us that you fully enjoy the glasses we prescribe. Therefore, you will receive new lenses or another type of lenses free of charge if the initial lenses do not fit your desire. You can make use of this service once. However, there will be no cash refund or credit.

Get your glasses examined for free! 

Your glasses don’t fit properly anymore? At Scheerer Optik, you can bring your glasses in for a service at any time. This might take up to one hour; bring your spare pair of glasses. Re-fitting, cleaning and examination of glasses or sunglasses purchased at Scheerer Optik is free of charge! 

Comprehensive insurance

Your new correction glasses are insured against breakage within 12 months after purchase.

Warranty first year:

The insurance applies to new correction glasses exclusively. Glasses purchased at a reduced price, loss and usual wear are not covered by this insurance. Covered services: In the event of breakage, Scheerer Optik will provide a replacement in kind. This means that you will receive either a frame or lenses or a pair of glasses of the same type in the same price category (up to the maximum amount of the initial purchase price). The policy provides for a deductible of 30 %. The insurance expires after the first claim. In case of damage, the customer is entitled to professional repair of the glasses. If the cost of repair exceeds the replacement price, a frame or lenses will be provided as a replacement in kind. Damage covered by accident or liability insurance is not insured by Scheerer Optik. In case of replacement in kind, the damaged parts become property of the seller. There is no entitlement to cash refund in the event of a claim.

Warranty second year:

With our extended warranty you can extend the coverage of your product from 12 months to 24 months. Extended warranty for products up to CHF 1000 is charged with CHF 25. For products from CHF 1001 up to CHF 4000, extended warranty is charged with CHF 50. The conclusion must be done no later than seven days after collection  the glasses. The general terms correspond to the general terms from the first year.

Guarantee of quality

When purchasing new glasses, you receive a two-year guarantee of quality on the lenses and the frame (usual or presumed wear is excluded).

UV protection:

100 % UV protection is guaranteed for all sunglasses in our product assortment. If you wish to be assured of 100 % protection, we can examine the sunglasses on site, thanks to our photometer.

For replacement lenses, we cooperate with manufacturers that guarantee 100 % UV protection.

Contact lenses:

With our “Lens & Life Carefree Subscription”, we assume the costs incurred in the event of loss or defect of a contact lens in accordance with the contract concluded. We are happy to inform you at a personal appointment 

Home Delivery:

No time to pick up your glasses or contact lenses? We gladly send your glasses and contact lenses to your home. We also offer home visits for persons needing care.


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